| A Retrospective of 30 Years |

| Abushariaa Ahmed, Sudan |

This exhibition shows a glimpse of Abushariaa’s wide and multi-faceted oeuvre over a period of three decades.

We the owners of Red Hill Art Gallery have known Abushariaa for almost 30 years, and during this period we have acquired a broad collection of his work, part of which is the basis of this exhibition.

It involves works created in the early 1990’s, shortly after his graduation from the Sudan University’s College of Fine & Applied Arts in Khartoum, and later from 1995 to 1997 during his two - year artist in residency at the Paa Ya Paa Art Centre in Nairobi with Elimo Njau. His works from that period were semi-abstract, colourful, mixed-media works, rich with ornamental and patterned symbols of his Nubian culture and Arabic calligraphy.

In the late 1990’s he introduced meticulously elaborated ink drawings on paper and canvas and large collages on paper.

A series of sombre, brown-yellow archaic patterns on paper reminiscent of old age rock paintings were created in 2007/08.

A large - scale acrylic - mixed media on canvas is part of his 2008/9 ‘Darfur War Series’. Other works include oil canvases as from 2018/19.

You are most welcome to the opening of the exhibition on Sunday 2nd October 2022 from 11.00am to 5.00pm.
The artworks are on show until 6th November 2022.

See the Collection here Abushariaa Ahmed, Sudan

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