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Samuel Githinji, Churchill Ongere, David Thuku, Onyis Martin, Gor Soudan & Justus Kyalo

Samuel Githinji, Untitled, Acryl & Mixed Media on Fabric, 220 x 200cm, 2018

This exhibition presents a selection of artworks of Kenyan artists, previously exhibited at Red Hill Art Gallery.

Samuel Githinji’s first solo exhibition ‘Self-Portrayals’ was shown in 2015 and ‘Decay – Survival – Healing’ in 2017.
The currently exhibited large scale mixed media work on rough sack fabric depicts a metaphor for the desperation of the human society, the plight of migrants and the fate of the poor and under-privileged.

Churchill Ongere’s black and white paper exhibition ‘Suspensions’’ has been recently exhibited. Everyday objects — stools, chairs, open boxes and bananas — as objects of art, metaphors for uncertainty, chaos and even violence as they float, swirl and tumble across the picture plane.

David Thuku’s artworks are part of his earlier show ‘Barcode – The Layer in Between’ in 2017.

Onyis Martin’s ink drawings ‘Papers of Freedom’, ‘Letters from my Somali Friend’, ‘Space/Time’ of 2017 and ‘Theory of Space’ of 2018 express his concern about human trafficking and migrations.

Gor Soudan’s work belong to his earlier series ‘Bubbles & Shells’ created during his Sierra Leone and Tokyo residencies in 2015.

Justus Kyaloin search of truth with acid and iron” is represented with two of his large scale abstract iron sheet works of 2018.

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