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Beatrice Wanjiku, Onyis Martin, Peterson Kamwathi, Justus Kyalo, Gor Soudan Paul Onditi, Sebastian Kiarie & Samwel Wanjau

Red Hill Art Gallery presents a selection of art works by the Kenyan artists Beatrice Wanjiku, Peterson Kamwathi, Gor Soudan, Justus Kyalo, Paul Onditi, Sebastian Kiarie, Onyis Martin and the late Samwel Wanjau, who was one of Kenyans most popular sculptors.

Two large scale paintings of Peterson Kamwathi dominate the wall: The ‘Bull Fight’ of 2005 , a political statement and a metaphor for Kenyan elections. And a charcoal and pastel drawing of 2013, life size cut outs of demonstrators as part of the ‘Protest Series’, which were first shown as an installation in the Frost Museum of Miami, USA.

Two early paintings of Beatrice Wanjiku from her ‘Immortality Series’ (2010).

A large scale painting of Sebastian Kiarie (2005) titled ‘Economic Migrants’.

An early semi-figurative oil painting of Justus Kyalo of the ‘Womanscapes II’ Series of 1997, now one of the regions finest abstract painters and a large scale mixed media statement of Paul Onditi about environmental degradation and pollution (2014).

A selection of charcoal-graphite imprints of Gor Soudan and a series of mixed media ink drawings by Onyis Martin from his ‘Papers of Freedom’ (2017).

Finally three classical sculptures of the late Samwel Wanjau: Two fantasy birds in volcanic stone and a wooden sculpture of a smoking African woman.

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