|The Moon Man has Gone Under the Sea....|

Jessica Atieno - Kenya

Screen Prints on large canvasses. Jessica Atieno explores the role of historic photographic archives in reconstituting current perspectives within ethnographic representations.

“ What happens when a photographic object vacates the space of the archive and is re-appropriated in the creation of a new artistic work? ”

Jess Atieno creates work as a continuous interrogation on the idea of space. Within this, she has especially taken interest on how the human body interacts with the physical and psychological spaces In her most recent work, Atieno explores the inner space of the body, training her mind and eye on its most basic biological units to map it,

Atieno has also focused on gender matters and has in her earlier works explored the female body as burden. She continues to make entries on this subject with ongoing research, most recently, an interesting intersection between ownership and the black body as landscape.

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