| Abstract Patterns |

Lemek Sompoika - Kenya

I find myself obsessed with the idea of abstraction, especially with focus on abstractreality and how it relates to truth.

I employ the extensive use of abstract ideology in the Maasai language that explains indigenous philosophy on existence, to understand our relationships with our surroundings. Enkai - feminine for "the other", is a term also used to refer to god or the sky. This word is an example of many within the Maasai language that aim to explain what a thing may seem like, rather than address what it is.

By highlighting the varying descriptions of truth in the contemporary society and how they infuence our realities, I am exploring how general opinions infuenced by political ideology define truth and identity and dictate how we interact with each other.

For me, the work symbolizes this destruction of my mental self, as a way of rediscovering who I am - a metamorphosis of a reconstruction of identity by questioning of our physical, psychological and spiritual states.What is truth? Does it exist? Is it a reality or abstract?

- Lemek Sompoika | KENYA