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Samuel Ashanti Githinji - Kenya
Artists’s Bio

Born in 1989 in Gatundu, Central Kenya, Samuel Ashanti Githinji is part of a new generation of East African conceptual artists. He acquired a diploma in Fine Art of the Buru Buru Art Institute in Nairobi in 2012.

In this exhibition Ashanti Githinji shows his latest body of artworks as his response to local and global political, social and economic grievances, injustice and inequity. He portrays human misery in bold brush strokes using primary colours, - blood-red, pitch-black and dark-blue. A metamorphosis of Human Bodies into Beasts.

His sketched figures are painted with a mixture of acrylic, oil paint and melted wax and outlined with pastel strokes. Then images are scratched into the wax layers and in some the canvass or paper is torn, leaving a tear that symbolizes hate and violence. In others, the tears are stitched together again as a symbol of hope and reconciliation.

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