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Samuel Githui - Kenya
Artists’s Statement

This work is a continuation of a previous experimental study, that was exhibited two years ago at the ‘Hatua na Kuruka’ (‘Step and Jump’) exhibition at Kuona Trust. My current work has been focusing on motion and progression, by attempting to create motion on a static composition, as earlier expressed in the chalk drawings “Transformation”, exhibited in 2018 at Circle Art Gallery. I felt the need to let the medium dictate the cause of action rather than taking the lead on a directive and executive role of creating the work. By doing so I want to elaborate the relationship and interaction of different media - in this work predominantly acrylic – and discover optional ways and possibilities to communicate and express myself in my artworks

- Samuel Githui, 2019

About the Artist

Samuel Githui has been well known for his figurative paintings, combining sensitive observation with technical skills. This new body of artworks reveals a remarkable shift from realism to surrealism.

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