Samuel Githinji Ashanti - Kenya

Samuel Githinji Ashanti graduated at Buruburu Institute of Fine Art in 2008 with a Certificate in Fine Art and in 2012 with a Diploma in Fine Art.
Red Hill Art Gallery shows a selection of his latest artworks created in 2015, large scale oil-acrylic-mixed-media canvases and pastel-mixed-media works on large paper sizes.

‘Self-Portrayals’ is a very personal contemplation of a young artist’s search of himself; influenced by African mythology and spirituality and inspired by his Rastafarian credence, a reflection about death and life, desperation and hope.

“It’s just too hard a day to move on not thinking deep of life and death, this has changed my view aboutl life and spirituality, through this it has made me able to create a series of work – spirits in trial,time in trial which reflect much on me in relation with nature or life”

Samuel Githingi Ashanti is an inspirational and promising emerging artist who responds to his environment with his very own personal voice.

He was born in 1989 in Gatundu, Central Kenya

His artworks were shown in the ‘Affordable Art Exhibition’ of the National Museum of Kenya, in the ‘Manjano Art Exhibition’ and in the ‘Kenya Art Fair’.

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“...the paintings have an emotional transparency rarely displayed by regional artists who apparently haven’t reached a point where they are prepared to spill their guts onto canvas as Githinji seems to do”

Margaretta wa Gacheru - Business Daily Africa

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