Group Exhibition

Salah Elmur - Sudan &
Souad Abdel Rassoul - Egypt
Souad Abdel Rassoul

Red Hill Art Gallery is showing for the second time an exhibition of Souad's latest artworks created in 2015. Large-scale canvases – women in a male and religion dominated world; and a wide range of ink-colour-mixed media drawings set on the wide perspective of maps, densely detailed and a pleasure to investigate.

About her recent work she comments:

“Women are my ‘icons’ that I am dealing with in my paintings – not to visualise their physical beauty, but more their secrets, hidden, their special ingredients and silent desires.
My works are the result of my reflections on the secret worlds and the relationships/connections of women to the elements of existence like earth, metals, plants etc. I fill the white canvas space in front of me with how I wish my personality to be, and not like the world wishes it to be.”

Souad Abdul Rassoul lives and works in Cairo.